We provide companies with the coaching, consulting, and tools to master Enterprise Sales. Our Compass Selling System ensures you have the right sales strategies and the organizational alignment to close business and accelerate your revenue growth.


The Compass Selling System equips you to:

  • Successfully navigate your strategic deals
  • Exceed your revenue goals
  • Scale your sales team’s productive capacity
  • Shorten your sales cycle
  • Reduce your Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC)
  • Increase Customer Life-Time Value (LTV)

Compass Selling supercharges your existing sales methodology

There are dozens of sales methodologies in the market today, yet there is a strategy gap in Enterprise Sales. In transactional sales, tactics drive strategy; you can have a fixed sales playbook to execute from. In Enterprise sales, strategy drive tactics; you need a planning process that enables you to respond to rapidly changing conditions.


Increase Revenue Growth Through the Compass Selling System

Are you not meeting your sales targets due to gaps in execution and lack of alignment in your organization? Northstar Performance Strategies offers services to identify impediments to growth in your company and develop a plan to eliminate them. After we’ve assessed the components of your business that contribute to revenue generation, we will work with you to build detailed strategic growth plans and an approach to execute them.

We help you navigate through your stages of growth so you maintain organizational alignment and anticipate the investments required to scale your revenue growth.

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Compass Selling System

The Compass Selling System is the core of Northstar’s training with a focus on deal strategy, meeting maps, sales forecasting, and territory management.  The curriculum provides lessons paired with live coaching sessions to equip Sales Professionals and Leaders with the knowledge and strategies they need to successfully close more enterprise deals.

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Tailored to Meet Your Unique Needs

The Compass Selling System has been developed and applied to successfully close 1000’s of Enterprise deals. We provide virtual and live training options to help you deploy the system to close more business faster. We also offer coaching services to work with you on your actual deals.

Sales Professionals

Sales Leaders

Business Leaders


2 Day Live Coaching Intensive
+ Compass Selling Curriculum Access

Trying to close a deal this month or this quarter? This intensive enterprise sales course focuses on rapid deal strategy development and execution to support sales professionals who are in a critical phase of their sales cycle.


3 Weeks
3 Live Coaching Sessions per week
+ Compass Selling Curriculum Access

This three week course is designed for sales professionals who need more in-depth training and have deals in process that will impact this quarter or this year. We will equip you to quickly get control of your overall sales execution and increase your close rates, so you can achieve your sales targets.


10 Weeks
2 Live Coaching Sessions per week
+ Compass Selling Curriculum Access

Looking for a deeper enterprise sales training with long-term support through your sales cycle? This ten week course supports sales professionals through in-depth sales training, deal strategy workouts, and consistent support as you move your deal through its sales cycle.


John Stopper, the founder of Northstar Performance Strategies, began developing the Compass Selling System early in his career as he navigated through the rapidly changing business conditions of Enterprise Sales. The system he developed enabled him to scale deal sizes into the 10’s of millions of dollars and expand his productive capacity, so he could run multiple deals simultaneously.

Today, he helps businesses navigate strategic Enterprise sales through training, coaching and mentoring. As a business leader, John advises companies on how and where to deploy capital to generate revenue and scale growth.

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